Home Process


Everything starts with a blank. We brainstorm and gather ideas with the client. This is followed by documentation of the requirements.A successful website is developed with crystal clear strategy and amazing design.

Purpose:Why are you making a website? Or why do you need a redesigning of a website? Do you want to sell some goods or services? Or you need to provide some information to the users?

Goals:The website should accomplish your goals set. The underlying definition of business should be clear with the team.

Target Audience:Do you wish to target some specific group of visitors? You should know where your audience located is and what language they speak? Like women in south India prefer more of cotton outfits due to its climate condition. So if you are selling cotton outfits, your target audience is south India.


Design and Prototyping

We first create a rough idea on paper. Then use tools to bring it to digital space. We then create a prototype of the design and send it for approval. Approval is necessary as our key focus is on client satisfaction.

Wireframe and elements designing: With the help of information collected during the strategy-making process, start making a wireframe. There are lots of free tools available online for making your website’s wireframe. If you are not comfortable with online wireframe makers use pencil and paper.

Mock-ups as required: Mockup enables testing of a design which makes your modifications easy. It will help clients to imagine how the real website will appear. Also, you can add these mockups in your portfolio rather than showing flat JPG files.

Reviews and approvals: This is a stage where you are sending designs to the client for a review. If they are not satisfied they will tweak or approve it if they are satisfied. This is the final step to make changes, it will be tough to make changes after coding.


What was designed on paper is implemented on screen. We can code what we can design. This is where designing will end and complex codes will be written to create a functional website. You will need to read the planning document again to avoid any confusion regarding website features.



Here we perform: code optimization, quality assurance, cross platform and device dependency, validation and verification of design. Testing is performed manually to enforce standards. Test whether the desired model is working properly. Check for the security leakages and tighten it wherever needed.

Approval & Delivery

We thrive for customer satisfaction, hence involvement of our clients is an essential part of our process. The finished product is presented to the client for approval. Our deliveries are executed on approval.



Here we perform: code optimization, quality assurance, cross platform and device dependency, validation and verification of design.

is not finished yet. Launching a website doesn’t mean your work is over. Real work starts after launching the website. Maintenance of a website demands your time and attention at regular intervals. If you will not care for the maintenance, your money spend is wastage.